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Friday, March 30, 2007


I'm so excited about this blog. I've had a few blogs that just seem to wander off topic and interchange with one another in confusing ways. Somehow, it doesn't seem possible to wander off this topic here; seeing as it's about living, creativity, and health.

Spring is the perfect time to start new projects and work on ourselves as we help others. For me, after a year of drinking coffee and sitting at the desk, any exercise now is better than what I had been doing. We broke out the old Taebo Tapes for fun (and a good start). It works--I can feel it . My child is getting the newest one to go along with our bike rides and walks.
The best way to begin, especially after a long bout of --well.......sitting, is to start off slow. Anything more than the day before is a grand improvement. You certainly don't want to be so sore the next few days that you abandon your new program.
What works for me is Sunlight and yard work to get me motivated. It's something about the idea that you are accomplishing something besides just fitness (which is a lot). You can work at you're own pace while getting some fresh air and breaking a sweat. I always try to exaggerate my movements also; reach just a little further and higher, pull and throw a little harder-etc.
The key thing is to just keep moving. Add more as you go. And remember to forgive yourself if you skip a workout. We sometimes feel like we have failed, thus giving up, deeming it "too late now anyways". Allow yourself to be human. Just consider that little set back "Part" of your plan instead of a "Mess up" and you'll be less apt to fall out of your new routine.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring is on it's way!

I feel as though I can come out of hiding after yesterday's great weather. I even did a little yard work to prepare for Spring. As you can see, I have some indoor projects to complete or delete lol.
Above is my mirror mirrored shot. It kind of messes with ya when you know how it actually looks everyday.
I don't know how I managed to mess up the date on my digital --but I just now fixed it after 2 months of being oblivious to the fact.
I think the drag and drop feature of the flock browser is the best part of it---when you post from it , as with many other programs --it just doesn't work as well.
I'm actually sitting here with the window open at 3 in the morning, the air is so nice. However the guy coughing 10 ft away seems to be coughing louder for some reason.
I hope he doesn't spot me and assume I'm a social type. Poor guy.

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I use this browser just to add pics easily ...Perfect for blogging and photo sharing.......

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Ok, Back to family

Now I understand, tag it with Death, and it goes back to what you actually write about....That makes sense. (not)
Maybe I should just blog about whatever the adsense tells me. It could be like a chat buddy lol

Adsense targets Huh? What?

Ummm, why do my ads speak of "Sympathy" cards for animals --How did they know our dog died? Seriously, am I dying? Have I already? What the hell in here tells them to put those ads on here? Is because the activity is at death level? It's pretty bad when even Google has to provide ya with put downs lol.

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Finally Focused..Um, I think.......

I'm proud to say that for once I have the latest in most things. Problem is ---nothing is compatible. I have a new Firefox and a new blogger. Now my blog- it right -click won't work with either one in any combo. My blogger toolbar for FF won't work either. It's aggravating. So I have decided to use Clipmarks: kind of a network share thing but it works from what I've tested thus far. I've posted one of their site.

I still try to keep up with fellow people although I've notice a lot of you have been moving to other blog communities.

I have a new project underway that consists of a website,blog,photo page, forum(my specialty),with lots of space. It's complete with guestbook and site gadgets etc. I think it will work out pretty well. Now is the hard part of organizing everything just so and getting my start up money in hand. Or out of hand as it were,lol. And no it's not someones shady scheme; It's all mine. (joking)

I will always keep my blogger though for the nutty,... I mean emotional stuff.

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Sony: PlayStation 3 Shortage Will Soon Be Over

The kiddos better be really nice to me!!!

I went exploring and found a blog community on and I finally checked out . I do like writing on peoples walls and I suppose the "notes" module is actually the journal part. I knew a few folks on there but I discovered that no one in my Hometown of Syracuse is ever online at least not in a social way. And I mustn't forget to share the fact that I set up an account on the silliest little place---It runs off with "what are you doing?" and you simply answer. It's called Twitter.

It's so strange how I adapted to Oklahoma so quickly and to the point that I never once got home sick. Don't get me wrong, I've been sick of Oklahoma a time or two--but absolutely no worse than the city I grew up in. So very much the same believe it or not.

I found an easy fix for my default Gmail that didn't involve registries or the like. As some of you may have encountered when using google & firefox on a Windows OS, the default mail fights with ya in IE so any mail to: links go nuts especially when you don't use outlook either. Of course I set the defaults on the pc itself and on gmail notifier,(didn't work) --The quick fix was to get Google Talk and on the messenger itself set the options to open gmail automatically when clicking a link. It worked--strange way around especially if one doesn't have the talk/chat. But effective. g notifier and g talk are not the same thing although g-talk happens to have a notifier of its own built in.
I have 90 invites left for gmail by the way --but then again there are a thousand free links in every forum.

I'm going to try Image Shack for my online storage and upload for awhile. They are supposed to be really good --Gotta check em out. They host it all lol even give ya a cute little toolbar that downloads and installs in under a minuter with a cute lil' froggie on it. For both IE and FF.

It seems blogger is not going to let me post a pic----so I believer now would be a good time to get my image shack ---Photobucket is pretty good though.

Happy blogging!

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