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Friday, July 22, 2005

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12 miles west of pauls valley off of i35 12 miles south fo purcell on 74

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

End of first day

I made it thru to my days off and here I am, ready for bed after my little evening nap, a overly full belly, and a burnt forehead. I hear some slamming noises outside from the neighbors??? Looks like I may be staying up just a littl bit longer. Today was fun even the part where I fell asleep in the sun. I came out of that without being too uneven despite the fact the I spent a certain amount of that time on my side with a towel half covering me......Damn that vodka. Rum goes better with the sun. I made a bunch of unnecessary purchases today including another x-mas gift for someone. I guess the half priced whale was needed even though lil one and I got in a "fight" over Whalin'. Yes we named him. It seems Twink and my mutual friends think a day in the sun would be too "costly and time consuming". There isn't much we can do to retrain them at this point. We tried to explain that all that kind of preperation takes the fun out of stuff anyways, but I feel they would only go if they could turn it into a replica of their dining room table. Not much point in that. Next time, however, we will have to bring bandanas (for me and lil one's wild bushy hair that drys in two seconds after swimming) , and straws (so as not to have to sit up to drink). Sports bottles take too much effort to refill
Tomorrow will be one last stop at the bank, and some new scrubs and a couple of small misc. items I neglected today. I'll have to pay some attention to my lil grandbaby as well. These things will consume the whole day leaving enough time to get home and cook dinner.
I'm not hearing any more noise out there--not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
My bite is healing up nicely but the bruise part is getting bigger and bigger. It's one of those things like biting the inside of your cheek or hurting your toes--it's prone to further mishap. Every resident has either pushed or squeezed that portion of my arm ever since. And if I could just remember that door frames are around every freaking door , my bruise may actually go away. The tan is helping cover it up, but you can see clear enough that it's all but wrapping around my forearm. I may splurge just a tad more and get me and lil one new swim suits. I'm growing tired of mine and it's showing signs of tiring of me as well. Lil one just needs as many as she can get, as she, unlike me, goes to far more public type swimming sessions.

I'm not sure where that photo comes in as far as this blog entry is concerned, but hey, this image adding feature is just plain out cool. I shall get some of my new pics online soon--they will have to be scanned. I haven't yet done the digital thing yet and my webcam cord is only 20 ft. lol.

I can't wait to get back to the gym--it seems I'm going to have a buddy or two afterall. I'm such a good motivator for others .......if only.......well, you know the rest.

The rest of this week is going to be Operation Decorate. I've had plans for this room and that for too long. I'm tackling it this week. There won't be any idling for at least 5 days straight. I can't wait to tackle that storage house --it will be like x-mas. ( which reminds me that I will have to move some items to that certain lock trunk since my x-mas pile is getting bigger)

As is good.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


All I have to do is live thru one more day at work and I got two days off -----Yippeeeee. I've been reading some interesting stuff on blogs and stand alone trackback pingers and having a little fun with yahoo 360(which is still beta but no longer by invite only). It's no blogger but it's great for networks. I'm having this little man come over to do my nails soon. Ok, maybe not. It seems I had to recuperate today from the past couple of days. Waking up is hard to do. Isn't that a song?.......

I'm not taking care of any business on my days off nor am I answering the phone or doing anything I don't want to do. At least, so I say now.
It's been a long hard week to say the least, but never a dull moment.

You know you've been blogging too much when you start a silly little blog just to check out a new place and when someone tags you as foe you about start to cry. Then of course it doesn't reveal who and it makes you even sadder lmfao. Yes I was categorized as foe by one user. So --I had to label someone as foe in return ( I assumed it was the one that I followed the link from) I'm really not sure. After I did a little more homework on this foe thing--I realised you do this to simply filter out what categories show on your start page (or whatever you want to call your main page). So, it's like an ignore list but not as personal. I felt a little better. Maybe it was someone who followed political blogs and didn't want to see romance pop up ---that helps lighten the blow anyways lol. I'm not going to scrutinize the content of this one paticular blog entry I posted or I'd come up with too many possible scenerios. Ok, I'm still sad that I am anyones foe.....And I am scared I "foed" the wrong party. ..........................ok I'm over it now lol.

I'm starting my new gym membership next week--I can hardly wait. I had to lose 5 lbs before I did this(and I did), raise a little savings(which I did), and get my mind right(can't have it all).

Stay tuned..........

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Such is life...


Sat Jul 16 12:15am PDT

Twilight Day.........

Twilight Day.........

Yesterday my son's truck was running bad so I loaned him my car after giving him the necessary paper work and few last minute instructions. Off he went. AfterÂ… more

Here we go again , trying to use my FF browser and waiting forever for my fonts to appear after I blindly type them. How freaking aggravating.

I'm back on my netscape--slight lag to it, but not too bad. IE works best but as everyone knows, I hate IE.

I think I may start blogging in the style of letters never sent. It seems like the most effective way to rant. Perhaps I should start a team blog by that very title or one similar.
I can't say I've been bored 'cause the past two days were totally unbelievable. Sometimes I long for boredom. I've been reading thru a large variety of blogs lately and although I've added a few on my blogroll --there is one, although it's good for a few laughs, may have to be removed due to the biased, bigoted, stoooooopid nature of it. I wanted to include some Oklahoma generated blogs to my list--but this one is totally lame brained---See if you can guess which one it is.......
And no--it's not Brian's--lol Audience of one is a good blog :0).

360 is growing pretty fast and although the blog is primitive in many ways-the personal content to be found within them is pretty interesting--makes ya want to send them here to blogger. Spaces is like a secret place--no one comments or talks--and I doubt anyone ever reads them--A good one to send family to view pics.

And so I got booted once again but I didn't lose my post this time HAHAHAHA. The advantages of not using IE.

Ok let me make a stab at a letter never sent.....
Dear Barney Fife jr.,
Are you realated to Officer Powatripace in some way? You sir, are an idiot. You, of all people, should recognize a donut when you seen one. And just who the hell do you think you are to insert your stubby finger in my sterile ass creme jar anyhow? And the gloves you thought were meth lab related--did it occur to you why they were next to my jar of zinc, my badge, and my periwash? I'm so glad I didn't leave my thermometer in the car too. You would probably stick it up your ass to see if it channeled in some FCC forbidden channel. You actually referred to glaze from a donut as "chrystal type residue"? I wished you had wasted the departments time and money on that testing. That would have made headlines. What's unfortunate, is you will make headlines one day. Please tell me you have not already multiplied. Please. To think there may be more of you running around saying "yes sir boyz we um got em selves sum of dem der meth lab 'suspiacts!"
You are an embarrassment to every little boy who ever joined the department with pure intentions. Were you one of those out of control hallway moniters as a kid? Or just some fat stupid outcast who got high and ate too many twinkies then vowed to get all those kids parents and teachers back for daring to object to your girl's locker room viewing thru the little hole? Don't get me wrong--we are glad you didn't do the columbine thing that you had originally intended, but did you have to use a badge to hide behind? You are still the same dork you were when you were a kid. No one likes you--but there is no need to be bitter. Ok --I almost feel sorry for you , what with your mama not even liking you ( and laughing with the others at pta meetings), but for god's sakes --quit picking on innocent people. I know you're frightened of those big mean bullies, but it's not too late to start a new profession. I hear the circus is coming to town. You- under the big top, Think about it. They may even give you a little authority here and there. Put you in charge of popcorn clean up or something. Who knows? And you know I have your finger prints and although you were careful not to let anyone know what you did and when and where--I could probably identify you.

Sincerely yours,
Meth mobile owner aka subject of your paranoia and dellusion

That was kind of fun--although mild. I could have really slammed him better. What I said in that letter was a compliment to him lmfao.
What is really sick is I bet he went and told his buddys how close to a big bust he was. I bet they thought he was totally retarded. I'll bet he bragged on himself while they laughed their asses off. I wonder if he got reprimanded when the sgt heard about it?
I wonder if he told anyone who personally knew me about this and they went off in his face? Everyone that knows me at all ever KNOW I despise artificial mind alteration optained by an outside(of the body and mind) source. I don't even like prescription Koo Koo pills. Not when those people get behind the wheel and think they are normal despite everyone around them knowing their actions are loo loo.

I do realise, however, there are a few people that actually need them. When perscribed properly and taken as directed I'm sure they are effective. Most people abuse them or take them just cause they don't feel they should have to deal with their self inflicted reality that they refuse to change. A lot of people are spoiled so they stay in situations just to avoid having it rough for awhile. Usually for financial or convenience reasons. That pisses me off. Sometimes life is tough--deal with it and shut up. Blog about it. Do something about it or accept it--whatever. But don't subject the rest of us with your abuse and what you feel is retaliation. Displaced anger sux. Be mad at yourself--enough to change things. Sometimes one must pack a kid on each hip and leave with the clothes on their backs by foot and keep walking. Get in where its safe or hide until you find a clearing to take charge of your life--You may have it rough and get put down by a bunch of people who wished they had the courage to get on with their own lives--But you will have YOU and your children will learn a valuable lesson in self esteem etc. You keep that head strong and never conform to what you know is wrong. You stand alone if you must--but mostly you just keep walking and working. Life is awesome.

Dare to enjoy life despite them all. That is winning. Never act in accordance to a proper victim status. Don't do anything different because of or to spite a culprit. Even if it means to not acknowledge a given event. Once you act in accordance to something negative, you have let it when. It seeks to change you---Only you should have the power to change you---inspired only by your need/desire to change. We develop habbits. Replace bad ones with good ones if you so choose. Don't get me wrong, we have to do what we have to do, at the time we feel we need to. But remember about the habbits and keep your mind straight. Never give in. Example would be--if you have to stay up in shifts to ensure your household is safe because of an imposing threat; then do it--but once the threat is less likely--do not continue this practice. Unless you just think it sounds like a damn good idea lol.

Oh yes, my sunflowers are up to the porch roof top. If I had known they would have grown so good I would have planted them around the entire yard......the stalks are 3 inches in diameter approximately. Freaking cool. Next year I am either going to inclose the entire porch or border the front lawn with them like a huge privacy fence lol.

Gotta get some pics ..........


Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Unwelcomed Guest for 17 years - Powered By Bloglines

The Unwelcomed Guest for 17 years - Powered By Bloglines: "Places to go...

By NyOkieSue2005

We are looking for some new members to a
not so new group with a new location.
As you may or may not know, we were the coolest LEO and
friends/family group on AOL. Ok, there may have a been
an online bunny or two or three lol. But everyone adds to
the fun.

Also if there any Walkers or Joggers in Sapulpa
we invite you to join in and leave your mark on the
kellylane park bulletin board. A business card with your
handle on it would be cool then we'd know who actually
made it and who didn't lol. Either way, our e-group needs
It's been a long and productive day. What it produced is beside the point. Before I tune out, I thought I'd add a tad to my blog. I forgot to pic up the new photos today as a ran my errands before work today. That will just have to go on my revised yet again list where most of everything else that I neglect ends up. Baby Angela is getting bigger and more beautiful every moment. It's amazing how just watching her sleep and make lil faces is so exciting. She is so innocent yet somehow--she holds all the answers to the entire world.
I cooked big tonight after work and it seems as though the entire household passed out as a result of overstuffed bellies. OOPs, sorry ya'll. But, damn it was good huh? lol.
I got lost in blogland reading some unbelievable stuff to say the least. I can think of a few locations were a camera would be effective but not in pee pee patrol.

My son, as much as I hate to admit, has a way cool 4 WD truck. He only got it stuck twice in one day, both times just in time for Marie to catch him (and scratch her head in wonder).

I have a co-worker who is about two minutes from being a resident under my care her damn self, that is a miserable biatch. Really, she comes into work that way every night lately. I just really want to tell her to go get a most likely, easier, higher paid job, and leave us workers alone. She could be a rude, grouchy, Wal-mart greeter? Maybe? I don't understand people like that although I try to be tolerant of all. It gets extremely difficult at times though. What would these people do if they had real problems? How would they deal with my realities? Probably by doing what they do now only magnified. Or, they would sease to exist. It's amazing how it's always the ones that should be the most careful of how they treat others are the least consciencious of their actions. IOW --she is the most likely to end up residing in my hall (hee hee hee).

I'm growing rather tired of crutch people in general. There is no accountablilty with certain religious groups as they have their instant cop outs; the devil made me do it, I don't have to explain as you are not a true believer, I just know ( not because it was drilled in by parents or society or anything), Thank God(not the human that went out of their way to be generous or kind), a well published book makes it so, I can hate all I want cause I have the first christian right to be a lazy white uneducated white man in an undershirt sitting on the coach drinking beer and damn it , the job should be mine!, I payed my dues so I simply must have my favors rendered, etc etc etc yadda yadda yadda. In the same group are the "give me a fucking cookie I quit using drugs", and the "waaaaaaaaah life hurst so bad I gotta take my script while driving into your baby on the highway" or the "I am from a broken home I must get drunk" or "I am too good and ever so much faster thinner better stronger than you. I deserve to feel blissfull at all times at all cost of those around me." I got a message to this group. Life is grand and sometimes it sux. Toughen up and/or shut up. You don't need to be gleeful all the time. blah blah. How about a cookie for those that faced it all head on, clear minded and on their own without mind alteration or a large network to hide behind? wtf? How about some awareness of what really matters? How about some compassion for those in need? How about once and for all looking outside of your selfish whining spoiled-assed selves?
If you don't like something change it or move on --wtf ever..Just please ..shut up.

I think of all the tragedies people have endured lately and it just makes me sick to hear of lil pissy ass whiners that have no clue.

Next week I challenge everyone to give what they have or do what they can. Donate blood money or time. Do something for those truly in need. And tell at least one whiner you know to shut the f$%^ up. I think that will make for a worthwhile week. And please don't anyone light any candle if you never lifted a finger to help when you were needed. I'm tired of little ribbons for this and that and banners etc IF you never even tried to be there when it went down. Contribute where and when it's needed, otherwise save your cry for recognition. The only thing we see is a hypocrite fraud.

I don't give to many local charities as there are many people who will never ask for help . The people who are actually in need can't afford to even get to or can't provide enough documentation for these charities. Sometimes they are afraid of the consequences of asking for help. We usually know who they are. If not -they are easy to find. Give a gift that they can't refuse and don't identify yourself in hopes of glory. Just a thought.

Enough of that.........I am so on a different kick now lol. It's java time and I guess I'm just not feeling the love in my outside environment lol. But here in nyokiesueland there are laughs and honesty and love..........ok and some arguments from time to time..........but there is tolerance and acceptance.
Life is good---live it.

stay tuned............

Another day in the Life ............

She looked up at the couple as she scanned the counter that was eye level to her if she got on her tippy toes. The fire red curly-haired woman was still there; yet was standing dangerously close to the door. Surely the woman didn't lie to her, as she had taken her on little day trips before. But this time it had been quite sometime since she had seen home. In fact, she wasn't quite sure where home was- but the red headed lady knew. She heard Fire Red whisper to the couple "Don't worry soon there won't be any memories at all. She will adjust. Just remember not to call her by any name at all for awhile." The male of the couple asked Fire Red "What was it you said she was called?" Fire Red answered,"Lucy." He answered "Ok." The female of the couple repeated "No names though, Honey." He said with a grin,"I know, I know" About that time, Fire Red rushed out the kichen door as the male blocked Lucy in the doorway of the kitchen. "Your name is Susie, got that? Susie is your name." said the man.
He looked at his wife and said "It almost rhymes."

It's amazing sometimes how one can remember so extremely far back yet not one day before that point. Lucy knew she had to wait to go home but didn't know for how long, nor did she know where home was. She vaguely remebered what it looked like. She had a stuffed animal or two that helped her remember Johnny and David. Soon those animals would be taken away in hope of erasing the memories completely. She remembered a man with big pockets who had a mouse in them. Usually it was candy. She knew these two new people were sad people- not like at home. There were no children here. Not alot of laughter either. Lucy knew as the sun set that Fire Red wasn't coming back and she may never see home again. The red headed curly-haired woman was a liar. Well, in truth, it was her job to lie. It was her job, to end this little girls life as she once knew it, to kill her dreams, her hope, to trick her into leaving her home. Lucy wondered if they knew she wanted to come back or if they thought she had left them like a traitor. Lucy didn't know the word traitor but she worried they would think ill of her for leaving. Fire Red just took her away and left her with these people. These people, who talked in funny little insulting voices to her and offered her baby items to play with. These very boring, sad, strange people who ate funny foods and had no friends. Lucy was dead now.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

thug baby
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it was hard work
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granny's angel (not as cute as in real life lol)
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