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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Self Employed and On Vacation

I recently took a vacation from life and thinking using facebook. It was fun for a while, but after throwing my back out on the farm (farmville), I now need a vacation from facebook. Most Importantly, I need to stop staring at my home page and grabbing links from game feeds etc.

I need time to create more gourd creations after all. And of course the dreaded work thing.

Don't get me wrong, facebook was a wonderful therapy for me, but now it's become yet another distraction in my world. It served it's purpose and for me that wasn't "social networking" exactly. Especially since no one I know offline uses the computer like at all ever lol.

The groups on facebook (most) never update--always a new group to join and no one ever speaks. Game feeds show up only when they want to (usually after someone has already adopted that whale you've been wanting on Happy Island-which, is a very cute little game I might add)

Most of the active chatters could do so on the phone or thru text anyways. There is a "like" button that might should be "agree" or "no shit" button.

There is a whole internet out there that google helps us steer-I can't be closed in and that is what facebook has done for me--got me too damn comfy and boxed in. It's going to do away with notifications which is a bad move for us users (maybe a good one for them) I like to see what has been shared especially if it was a boo boo, but I sure don't want to see it all in inbox either the real one or facebook's. By the time you open it there would be no point in receiving it.

Lonely world out there.

Facebook for me was a great escape from thinking. Not thinking can be a horrible habit to develop as with not doing.

When you consider making yourself a T-shirt that reads "I'd rather be in Farm Ville" you know it's time to lighten up on the facebook.

I feel free, lord Google, free.

Dont be evil, facebook ;-)



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