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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Typical Love Story (well minus the blood and guts)

Early 20th century Valentine's Day card, showi...

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The rich, the bored and the 

religious make for a twisted 

 murder.  We all know them 

but not always where they 

are and when until it's too 

late.  We might be their 

dinner someday if we trust 

or follow blindly.  Perhaps 

we'll welcome their hearts. 


I always look for  movies 

the community 

doesn't like as they're usually the

good ones.  

This movie was the perfect 

Valentine's Day Story.  It's 

got it all:  Family's love 

(dad "missing"and "loving" 

her from the grave), Loyalty 

(she does just what Daddy 

says), Danger (cops can just 

ruin everything lol), 

technology (they met 

online),  lots of religion and 

symbolism,  and of course 

the unconditional Mother's 

love (his Mom).  Oh there is 

so much more but yeah, I 

liked this cheaply made 

movie lol It even depicted 

those catty type broads who 

hate on a true love story--

well for money of course :-)

Ah, what some of us will do 

for love......



"If you really love me, you'll______"  Just fill in the blank with whatever.  
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Friday, February 12, 2010

One of Those Lives (just jibber jabber)

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There are many stages we go through in life and even more phases within them. This---This.....I don't know what the hell it is but it's here. I have not lost my sense of wonder but I have however, lost my tolerance for those around me (and there are many usually climbing all over the place) who have. They are so interested in things that are just....well just. Yet the most fascinating of all things they think require too much time, energy or thought. I know to each his own. But what DO they own? What can we share? Usually not much. I understand to a certain extent though as I have lost interest in many things myself. Not all things. Just a little of this and that...mostly that.

I'm back to work if for no other reason than to motivate myself to find something new. I have a project to work on as well and there is plenty of other things to do. I need ginko biloba if only I'd remember to buy it. I love my farmville friends but to be honest, if I don't wear funny heart shaped springy ears, paint my fluffy ass pink and go baaaaaaaa they really don't pay me much mind.

Valentine's Day is such a peer pressure. At times it tempts me but then my memory (that I usually need the ginko biloba that I keep forgetting for) kicks in and I think to myself "OH Hell Noooo!" Let freedom ring as I don't function well in captivity nor do I enjoy being aggravated. I wonder if there are those meant to be alone. There are probably many more of us who are than what we dare to imagine. Especially those who are in a relationship already. I lovingly refer to these unions as relationshits like I almost typed by accident ;-)

I think it's nice if two people are happy and by choice are together. I just don't understand the mentality of people who think you are supposed to be hitched. I know, I read a few books on infancy-school-mating-retiring= stages of life and goals etc But I also know people wrote those books and not everyone's goals are the same. I meet a person I think of them as an individual and forget that they could be married or what have you. Others seem to assume the opposite. So I'm shocked when these folks are not Independent and others are shocked when your NOT married. I guess it has to do with how they spent their own single years (or days in some cases lol ) I think it's the word single and what people think it means. Which they have a point as I've met "single" people who yet to be single for more than 8 hours at a time. That is why I describe myself as independently single. Yeah, actually single.
You see the dangers of Valentine's Day????
If it's not broke don't fix it...

But I'll take those chocolates before the door slams the rest of the way shut--Thank Ya.

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Blogger has me spoiled with the draft saved thing.  I wrote this long heart felt post and mistakingly hit the photo button not knowing this would be a different post all together and not add a photo and lost the entire thing (on this other site).  It started off just being a little update that grew so I didn't follow my own advise about using notepad etc.  Bad enough, but when I did a status update it came up blank afterwards too.  So I guess this means I am either a ghost or it just never happened.  I was so upset,  I had to unsubscribe myself from the very next newsletter that came my way, because as you probably know, this is what we do lol 
Thank you Blogger for your saving.  I should not have strayed.  
There is never a way to rewrite a post so that it sounds the same--I know because I've tried this before.  It just won't be from the heart---damn it and damn them.  


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Dear Google

FarmVilleImage via Wikipedia
Google social with Zynga FarmVille and a way to use existingFacebook ID Farms, Google would own the world. ;-) Maybe open source to closed source and back again lol
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Our Digital Story is a Positive One

FRONTLINE: digital nation: your stories | PBS

After watching this I thought of my own digital stories. I almost want to title this post "My defense of the Awesome Internet."
After years of mutual search by myself and my birth parents I purchased my very own computer. Within 6 months and thousands of registries we were able to find each other.(How it all began) Yes, Thanks to the internet there was that whole human interaction thing. With all the bogus information given to me by the state of New York and the offline agencies' and registries unwillingness/inability to ignore the same false info our search had become a dead end. That was until I got online. The internet has definitely enriched my life and gave me what should have been my birthright to my information. My adoption records were sealed and I was told in writing how I had no right to that information. My birth facts were changed. My non identifying information was false. Although I was searching for my dead mother and 5 older siblings, I found my very much alive mother and younger sibling. That would not have happened without the internet--at least so quickly anyways.

Too much focus is put on the negative parts of the internet. Those same people I'm sure put the same emphasis in all aspects of life. Yes, there are people behind the keyboards :-) I can't imagine the time, fuel and money I would have to spend finding the information this computer provides me with. The libraries and bookstores needed are not that close and certainly not open all night. Sure I could save on gas by walking, but I wouldn't want to run into THAT social network on my way. You know the one...or perhaps you're not from my neck of the woods. There is convenience and safety in my computer for the most part. As for that whole social thing--the internet enables one to meet people they would never get to face to face. I realize one should be careful online of course. But I also know this of offline as well if not more so. (the ax murderer down the road is a lot closer) Time wasters are time wasters-period. You can waste time looking up trivial info, playing games, socializing, creating, sharing, buying, and writing online or playing couch potato, over eating and watching the Boob Tube. And lets face it, until COCO is back there is really not a lot to watch on TV.

The internet is pretty much what you make it -kind of like your offline experience is. You choose. You may just have more options online. As far as too much time online? We have spent too much time on many things prior to the digital age. We used to spend to much time in the cave. Too much time at the bar. Too much time. ... If we are to waste time we will find a place to do just that ---with or without the internet.

I myself am happy to be a part of this digital time. Hell, I can't dance, but I can look up anything you want to know about it ;-)
To be continued.....

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