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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Blog Explosion


Monday, July 20, 2009

And so I Google....................

Introverts often enjoy solitary activities lik...Image via Wikipedia

And so I google-"Should introverts go against their nature?" I got some interesting posts out of that one. They speak of stereotypes, labeling, with some interesting takes--not to mention the blogs that themed with that very question. INTJ for me after taking 6 variations of the main tests. Of course that is what introverts do. I have to be in the know--I just don't need to scream it. One article touched on the whole rude thing. I used to say--shyness was rude--I don't want to be rude so therefore I will pertend to be an extravert as I do everyday at work--then it will become who I am after some time. Against nature. Part of growing up is realising who we are and who we are dealing with. I'm an introvert (only 60% actually). I don't work in an introvert friendly feild there fore I'm the boldest person you will will never actually meet. I've decided the difference in introvert and extravert can be determined by what energizes you. What do you long for? A loud party or time alone. Everything else seems to be the same. We have the same interests most of the time --and the same goals once in awhile. there should be no appologies for the very nature of us, but unfortunately, the extrovert world seems to think there should be. What's worse is we introverts some times agree.
One article claimed there are more E's than I's and one the opposite. Measured by what? How was this determined? Did they survey the E's at the loud parties or go into the study of several I's?
I suspect us Introverts dig,tweet,share and bookmark more than Extroverts do. Extroverts shut down their computers quicker to go rob a bank or something--just kidding. We silently, provide ya'll with free advertising :-)
I question if it's really nature or just some label. Are we going by true definition or opinion?
We do what our roles/jobs require. Which is why an introvert may burn out after a few years of blabbering, or an extrovert after years of silence.
I am seeking a position where I can be true to my 60% and I've yet to find it. I guess that means I'm in and out of my head.
We are thinkers,observers. We read and we listen. Online, we don't always comment as your not looking at us prompting us for a response. Oh but we google lol. And our readers remain full if not shared. Extroverts seem to comment online and on they go and go and go--never to find you again--that is my guess.
Conclusion is --We are all nutz only at different decibals.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


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I've weeded through my blogline feeds and it wasn't easy to say the least. Even some of the blogs that had gone five years without a post were, after all, interesting enough to me at the time to have saved. The ones that vanished were easy to decide on. I kept everything in my google reader which proved to be a duplicate and then some. Difference is, the google reader doesn't display the whole list on each of my blogs like bloglines does. So if your blog is still out there it's probably being shared on my reader on one of my other blogs. I had to neaten this one up as the blogline feed was longer than the posts and full of broken links. I really wanted to get the list down to 50 but I came close enough.

I originally had a related pic of google reader but for some reason zemanta pulled this old pic of mine up---I liked it better so here it be.

Merry blogging to all and to all a Good Blog...........

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday night and 0 friends online? imagine that

Stupid Fish in my KitchenImage by NyOkieSue via Flickr

I over heard this conversation ......."Camping somehow doesn't appeal to me anymore." Somehow I know how this came about. He has lived with me too long. We live a life of camping compared to a lot of people and have lived quite green for some time now lol. We have modern luxuries here and there at times but not constantly. Our priorities are quite straight. Some people's idea of camping is more cush then our day to day living. They spend on gas, food, fish bait and fees then hide in a camper etc. What is the point? Why not just go fishing? We avoid a lot of costs and hassles by camping in our own backyard. I can understand swimming and tanning but the invite my son got did not include these things. It would be with people running back and forth for more comforts and setting in the shade with all their current gossip and gripes. The very things we go camping to avoid. It doesn't help knowing that he would most certainly be free entertainment for their children. Which is another whole blog all on it's own.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Time flys when you need more of it

Cocoa Puffs box, 2001Image via Wikipedia

Wow, is it really Thursday already? I closed my eyes like on Sunday and here the trash man has come again. Thursday.

I got that old rut thing going on. I ask questions like "Do I have to, really have to, comb my hair?" -"Must I really leave the house?" "Lets see, how long before they shut the lights off?"
Then I forget the inner conversation until I'm left in the dark with no A/C,food,etc etc. I went two days without coffee because I didn't have to work and there was no other reason to leave the house. When I finally got some after work (the third day) I tripped for the remainder of the night. That is what will happen when this fog/funk leaves me too. All will have to just stay out of my way.

It happens every 2-3 years and takes about 6 months. I have no idea if its the planets, global warming, or just the possibility of being koo koo for cocoa puffs. If it were a relaxing time it would be different but no mental clarity is not my idea of well being. Sun therapy works for a while. Sleep definitely takes off the edge. (the waking up part is hard) Maybe I should have put the pool up this year as I know that definately helps. ( I used to call that bleach therapy) Exercise would definitely help but that puts me to sleep when I'm like this. Time gets me out of it and there is hardly any left.

The theory of living like you are going to die tomorrow sure wouldn't help as I would definitely not go to work or pay bills. I would write a lovely letter to the kids and paint/draw a pic, perhaps a photo or two with a list of hidey holes and valuables. By the time I was done with this it would be nap time. If I didn't wake up dead I'd be pissed. I'd have to do my hair and pull some serious maintenance so I'd be ready for the big day. I would have already included strict make up, hair and bra instructions and photos on how I'm to be laid out of course. I couldn't even go to the thrown in peace as I don't want to croak there. Sounds like quite a busy day actually. Yeah, I'd die in my sleep.

Well, I'm feeling much better now. It's raining...again.
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Saturday, July 04, 2009

On this Independence Day

Sunrise shown in time lapse.  The motions of S...Image via Wikipedia

I visited a site called where I reread a the following post

Intend the Return of Laura Ling and Euna Lee |

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I don't celebrate in the way that many others do with alcohol over-eating and lots of noise. I tend to count my many blessings and enjoy time with loved ones. Today I spent time with my grand babies and laughed. Our day was centered towards each other and not food etc. Sounds boring to many but I appreciate these times very much. There have been countless times where I longed for "boredom".

I think of all the heart ache in the world and all the things that need change. I think of what we have the power to do and what we most certainly are ignorant to. I struggle with knowing the truth and exploitation. It's hard to even know what to repost some times as I don't want just some gory picture without some action taken. I usually decide to go with truth and hope that people act upon it even it's just to say a prayer or two. I'm thinking of Neda
and want to include her beautiful life pictures as well as that final famous photo. It haunts me but I feel we should be aware no matter how much we cringe.

There has been a lot in the news on Michael Jackson. He was a great entertainer. This video of his stands out for me.

And of course Farrah took a page of my Art Diary.
My thoughts on this date..

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I painted this as the eagle crying so much it is blood. But not to represent just sorrow but perhaps vitality as it spreads thru the waters. Perhaps it is nurturing. Blood can represent hope and will just perhaps. The waters are carrying it further than he is flying. :-) For all not just one.

My wish is for all to be safe. Life is precious and there is nothing more valuable. May no ones life or message of peace be in vain.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009


eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww eewwww

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The above is why I may not take the trash out for awhile--Can't help it and have tried many approaches to not scream and run. My feet just go into action upon site of these things. Usually they are orange/red instead of so much yellow, but the same type snake. There are some brown ones and copperheads here once in awhile but mostly these horrible torments. They wait for me and hide when help arrives. This nice woman told me they are my totems and that I must be creative. I had better produce a master piece with all the snakes I see during the warm months especially.

It seems like I blog less when there is too many "things" going on. Especially not so great things. A lot of times, I have things nagging me that I'm successful in blocking out and therefore don't want to type-think-write-draw of. I'm blogging anyways although I'm going to just simply repeat myself. I could just look in old archives and say "yep, that's it!" But somehow I feel this may help with clarity in my own head--if I dare strive for that.

Looking to spend

The child shopping represents money to me. Money that utility companies keep asking for and I make less of as time goes on. The sound of a truck is all I need to make me fight off thoughts of panic and sometimes guilt for not making more money. Money. I've been thinking a lot about that lately. More so, work. I think of how you spend 8-12 hours per day at work and want some outdoor-family-chores-and creative time. You throw sleep time into the mix and you may as well just stay at work. Travel and get ready time rob from your time--and add to work time. I need an outdoor creative job that pays the bills so I can spend more time with family etc. I guess this is more about Time. That is a topic that seems to be coming up more and more lately. Time flies when you need more of it. No fun necessary.

We were hit with an absence recently, not a death, yet we are mourning, although we don't admit it. Sorrow. Strength, love and support. It's all we can do. The lack of power is enough to set you into despair if you let it. We don't let it. :-)

I strive not to be bitter. I know that wrong doing tinged with the least little nobility is frowned upon worse than any cold and calculated act. Sometimes it's better to be blind and oblivious like so many others have mastered. The art of ignorance.

A petty thing is also nagging me a little although it's rather humorous. Why do otherwise kind friends try their best to drag you down? In one and or most breaths, they speak ever so highly of you, yet can't resist the digs? Why do people place such value on such ridiculous things and not see the beauty all around? As I'm steadily trying to lift someones spirits they are working just as hard to crush mine. Is it for hobby?

I've been thinking about strange things --I've figured out that for some people to be happy, nice is out of the question. I always felt one should be brave enough to be kind. But I've always sort of stood on my own with that one. It's become so apparent lately too. These fonts will never be spoken by me mind you :-) But really, happy=mean. Then there are the nice who are never happy. Balance people. I seriously feel, Be kind or I get mean=unhappy. So now there is a new term --Aggressive Kindness. Some things should make you mad/sad. Enough to even take action. Hows this, you are doing a portrait and there are 10 people in the area. 9 are young, laughing (most likely at someone's expense) and visually nice looking. There is one old, wrinkled, person not frowning, but with a sagging mouth and old laugh lines. Who do you choose? With me it may be one of the nine if there seems to be a story to tell, but most likely I will see the beauty in the 10th one. All those lines may tell a longer story. There is that nice vs happy thing again. Is it nice to ignore who may need the most attention? Oh yeah, the nice thing is not happy--forgot.

Unfinished My thoughts on this date..

Dare to think and I'm talking to myself. I was never afraid to think things through, yet lately, it's as though thought prevents me from doing anything at all ever. My thoughts are all over the place and won't even pick up after themselves. I need to throw them out with those snakes.

I also need to not think of the thief who is stealing water. Soon I won't pay the bill and won't have to worry about it lol. But they could at least hook my hose back up so the never ending drip will water my dog like I set it up too. I would give them water as I even have lovely strong jugs to donate to them. But I suppose they prefer leaving evidence behind to piss me off and make my dog suffer in 100 degree weather. Luckily I check on my Leo frequently but still, what if?

Leo watching Butterflies Leo talking

My son's little dog turned up missing(from his house) with no trace. We all miss the little bugger. I'm hoping he is with someone who loves him.

I have two children with broken phones that they can't use---bill has already been paid. By the time they are replaced and on--I'll need them to pay the bill so mine doesn't get shut off along with theirs. I have another child who broke a phone but I wasn't paying that bill and he decided he enjoyed his life more without one. I'm beginning to see his point. When my phone rings it's someone who wants to borrow something, wants to talk to or about someone else, has some strange demand of my time, or is a wrong number. I don't have bill collectors as if I can't afford it --I don't have it.

Wow, this was like a long bed time story. I don't know how therapeutic it was, but it was definitely effective lol Perhaps I've just taken out the trash (of thoughts) or at least a portion of it.

Every little drop counts.

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