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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Just some thoughts

When that muse comes, she sometimes screams whispers from the past... demanding they be heard in silence. Sometimes silenced at last.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A little under the weather

I wasn't feeling well today to say the least. Crappolla would be too pretty a word for what I felt. Down I went into an uncomfortable slumber with the fan on 3 blocking out reality for me. I think I may have even had my little stuffed animal that I don't sleep with. He may have even been thrown in the dryer with some extra Downy. I'm not sure and I'm not admitting to anything.

I had those strange dreams that I have when lying upon my death bed. Not really night mares but not pleasant either. I usually jump right in there and control those adventures called dreams, but I was sick even in my sleep.

My middle boy and youngest daughter were in the room next to me and swear up and down that they thought I got up and knocked on their door only to find me fast asleep. They claim they distinctly saw a shadow walk by their door and heard footsteps. They couldn't figure out how it got away so quickly. There went my rest. Waking me up just because of the shadow dude. Hell, he is my coffee mate in the morning lol. No biggie. But they were actually spooked. Proof would be the fact neither one returned to that room for quite some time. In fact, it wasn't until my youngest boy returned home that they went back in there.

I was fine other than the whole sick thing going on. That is until my imagination dared to go there. I would rather think it was an old ghost. My oldest boy is away. I haven't heard from him this past week, which can mean many normal things. My brain was threatening to entertain strange thoughts that I had to fight. Silly perhaps, but that is what imaginations do. He used to love to knock on the door and sneak away frightening my daughter during her slumber parties in the next room. She would eventually find him no longer able to suppress his laughter as he tried to fake being fast asleep. But one doesn't have to be dead for one's spirit to roam and play, does he?

This is the only stuffed animal I have ever bought for myself just for the sake of having it. He holds my scarves and sports my daughter's old toddler shorts. He was thrown in a clearance bin and only 3 bux. Floppy as could be, he just had a certain orphaned look. Kind of like me but furrier. He was looking at me from across the store and I had to fluff him up and take him home. I've had him 10 years now.

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After rethinking all of this, I would say the little fella' got up (not that I was sleeping with him) and wandered off to have some fun. Far more logical.

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