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Monday, May 16, 2005

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Revised Goals (Once Again)

Every so often I like to re-think my goals especially the shorter term ones. I must drink more coffee, tan nice and even, take more mental notes of bloggable events, lose at least one more size and tone up. Ok an even shorter term goal would be to mow my legs that I keep covered under scrubs all day/ everyday. It's getting to where I can play a concerto by rubbing my legs together in a certain ever so attractive way. Although at times I feel kind of cool knowing I have hidden Sasquash qualities beneath my uniform. The whole Amazon Warrior Princess thing is fine, but I may have to modernize a tad more. More goals would be to get done with my lawn thing (pics coming soon) , pay off my damn bills, and redo my son's room. Oh yes and fix my foot that my high dollar comfort shoes tore up. I have this bone like thing sticking up now (not as good as it sounds lol), and I'm back to wearing the cheapys. I guess I can use my new shoes as yet another herb garden as that is how I've been solving other problems here lately ( see cages*)


If it requires a cage, please do not set it loose on my tomato plants. While I was at work, slaving away, Homeing Pigeon's neighbor/friend stopped by complete with kid, sister and her offspring. While standing in the middle of my garden with her West-side genetically incorrect clumsy feet, she told the lil monster a weak "no no". This was done while she her self stomped my fencing and my plants. They made some lame attempt to fix it while even Homeing Pigeon tried to come to my and my maters defense. I'm not sure the series of events following, but I know I came home to witness the results of the Mater smashers in need of cages. Why in the hell would you see a fenced off area as a place to stand anyways? Ok, so I'm thinking at this point, short of a drive by, maybe electric fencing? A mote with alligators? Barbed wire? A water fountain/pond?

The solution for now is an herb garden, more fencing and a sign. Yes, I was able to splint my maters and I'm confident I will have the best maters in town. Speaking of maters,........nevermind (see prowl*)

Felona said (behind my back of course), that my maters were too close together so it was just as well they got smashed. Thank you, Bitch, now my maters will be the bomb. Just because of you trying to curse them, they will be the most blessed maters. Good luck with your hobbies. What are your hobbies btw? Now that you no longer "cook"?

Speaking of crank-ho-degenerates with bad hair, this brings us to my lil one's friend's mom. The thieving low down genetically incorrect demon from the Westside of Hell. Lil one went with them to some after school function, leaving her purse on her "friend's" table in her bedroom. Lil one returned and you guessed it --no purse. The purse had a hard earned 25 dollars in it. Regardless of what happened --it's on the mother (who tried to play it off). The friend did some covering as well. This was a week ago. If a purse was left at my house-I would make a frantic b-line to that person to make sure it was returned intact. Not this peice of vermon. I was actually hoping that maybe she would replace the money that she no doubt spent, and act like she just found it. But she wasn't even decent enough for that. I told little one to act like she believed the money could have fallen out in hopes of at least getting the purse , housekey, and personal items back. Lil one has learned her lesson, but what sux is, the thieves haven't. The father seems sort of decent and hard-working, but is not in control of his Koo Koo wife and her offspring. I will try one attempt to talk to him since the wife apparently has no conscience and will only run game, but I'm not real hopeful. Lil one has also learned that there is sometimes a reason people are outcasts and it is by no mistake that friend and mama are uglier than crap. You can't judge a book by it's cover but sometimes the cover offers a good summary of the reading that follows.

On the Prowl

Spring is in the air and Summer is about here. Lord help some poor fool, as I feel I may be on the prowl here shortly. It's kind of like a craving. I know the signs and it is here. Yes, it even happens to my G-rated self from time to time. Oh, and trust me, it's been some time.

Grand Baby

Angela Marie ( named after my birthname) is due to arrive soon. I hope she teaches her parents well and keeps them out of trouble. I have been sending subliminal messages to the child thus far, so I am certain she will do as Granny Sue says and stand strong against the demons of stupidity. Homeing pigeon is looking as though she will explode at any minute. Granny is gaining weight and showing signs of pregnancy. The due date is still set at June 8th--I'm sure we will make it. Granny needs her waist back (simpathy indulgance in chocolate etc).


For some reason,to my dismay, I'm being forced to use my IE for blogger entries. As I have mentioned--I hate IE. However, I don't have hours to wait for my fonts to appear while Firefox lags forever without a conscience. I hope this problem is corrected as Firefox works just fine with other things and has done well in the past with blogger.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was grand, of course I had to work a double on that day. The lil one was cool with it, however, Homeing Pigeon stated that she and Thumper Foot will go visit his mother who has time to visit. Homeing Pigeon was going to share her wedding pics with me but forgot 'cause I was working instead of home waiting to view her pics. The pics are now in the garage at her new home that awaits her and Thumper Foot. I had three moms (see how it all began*)to buy for--two still await there belated gifts. What Mother's Day reminds me of is not my own Mothers so much as the fact that I am so appreciative that I have 5 healthy children whom I love. It is a gift in itself to be a Mother. I also think of my ex-common-law-step-children and how much I miss (at times) and love them.

The Yard

The Yard.............The bird bath is placed and the Tithonia's are planted along with some Teddy bear sunflowers, and torches. I have successfully blocked off the killer steps with a box of herbs strategically placed, in order to ward of the Mater Smashers*. The ugly meter/pipe spot is now camaflaged with a variety of plants and flowers. The next project will be the feeder and to give a new shape to the entire edge of the lawn. Since I have a community of mailboxes in my front yard for some unknown reason--I have decorated them by bordering them with bricks and white chrystal rock. (nice under 10 dollar trick plus no need to water or weed). Maybe a lil cement bench will be added under the neighbors pine tree that provides the only shade in the front yard. The natural privacy fence of sunflowers is off to grand start. The backyard will remain somewhat generic this year --well mowed with all the dens,holes,mounds, and pits present. The volleyball net has become a permanent fixture somehow along with Leo's igloo doghouse and that exercise bike that is used for ......I can't remember. The boys have a tent up next to my B-B-Q pit ( doubling as a campfire) so I added a pool and a huge pile of sand for effect lol. I don't think i will rip down the honeysuckle this year as it looks a little less weedy for some reason(or I'm getting tired)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

NonBlogable Info

My life has been full of a lot of nonblogable information here lately. I've been working a lot of OT as an UnCNA. I'll try to update just the same in my sleep deprived uncreative fashion I've come to accept these days ( I simply must get that exhaust leak fixed on the OLDS)

The Wedding....

My 22 yo whom I at times have referred to as the homeing pigeon, got married April 30th, 2005. The wedding went well including my secret desire to be the nicer of the "mothers"--I know -I know---I'll post some pics soon. My daughter and "Thumper" officially tied the knot. Their house will be ready soon and my grandbaby will be here in June. (no shotgun at wedding believe it or not lol)Although I thought it would be kind of funny to have my 3 boys pose with shotguns behind the alter, I refrained from organizing it.

Due to technical difficulties with blogger---I'll close for now so i won't have to smash the computer..Stay tuned.....
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