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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Team Bloggers, Grand Babies

I've invited some team bloggers--yet again... I know, we'll see how it works out.
I know what my thoughts are, after all they are fighting each other in my head daily. Some just past thru, leaving the door open, so quickly that I can't see what they were. Sometimes I am quite pleased with that idea. Other times it leaves me, well, blogging and looking for team bloggers.

The new grand baby will, by the looks and sounds of things(people), be here shortly. I mean as in the real near future. Wow. I wish she would have it already so I can lose some weight. I've put on so much weight with her pregnancy and I never lost it all from the last one. She needs to give me a break lol.

It's different when you're the grandmother than when you were pregnant yourself. When I went into labor, I waited until the contractions were 5 minutes apart, then walked to the hospital. Of course I had to stop a few times along the way, holding my belly and trying to breathe, but I made it. By the second child, I waited until they were 2 minutes apart and tried not to walk anywheres but to my hospital bed l0l. But when it's your baby having the baby, ---you freak! At least I do, as I'm saying all those ever so calming and rational words. Yeah, whatever. My feelings and words don't quite jive at that point.

I'll have to include a pic of my new grandson as he is right now. Ok, the shirt covering the mountain. That is him right now though. Bigger than life and ever so frightening to view. My daughter felt like "going somewheres" yesterday. She drove. I went with her. She drove, me crazy. Her contractions are like 2 hours apart. Closer as we walked thru Walmart and every other "somewheres" that we went. OMG. I know my eyes had to be like saucers and I looked totally stressed. Kept thinking---this is it, this is where she is going to have it. It's scary going anywheres with her especially being the passenger. I guess I could stop calling her April O' n dretti and making those sounds when we pass everything. They go something like fshew! fshew! as we pass each mailbox, car, post, person,pole or building. I have special sounds for turns and animals we pass. It helps ease the stress. What can I say?

Until next time.......
Happy Blogging.


Friday, May 25, 2007

BlogCatalog Bloggers for Good Fundraising Challenge

Face it, our schools just simply don't have the funding that we know they need and deserve. The art and music departments are usually the ones that suffer the most. Some of our schools need computers and lack in the latest reading material.

This is our chance to propose what we feel is needed in our schools, maybe in your specific classroom. At, there are many proposals worth donating to.

I would love to see more art and music programs, supplies and instruments available to all our children. Check out where you get to choose what you would like to participate in, whether it be for New Orleans or America's Next top model. There are many ways to contribute: Donate, make a proposal or by Spreading the word about your specific cause. Sadly, there are no proposals from Oklahoma; You can change that. You can search their site to see existing projects/proposals or make your own.


New York City
New York State
North Carolina
South Carolina
San Francisco Bay Area
Los Angeles
Technology Supporters

This site is great for Parents, Educators, Supporters or organizations interested in making a difference. Donating is easy. Our schools need our help. Encourage others to become involved.

Spread the Word

There are many ways to volunteer locally. Just ask. It's that simple.
This may be a great oppurtunity to start that community project and share that talent you possess. Maybe YOU would like to donate some time as a local art/music teacher. may be just the way to make that dream possible!

*Wow, thank you Blogger--my post just disappeared and couldn't be recovered--the only draft auto saved was the title.
Lesson to be learned would be to use notepad first lol.

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Traditional Herbs

I found a blog here on blogger with a pretty complete list of traditional herbs and remedies. It has info on every thing from menopause to sleep apnea. Very interesting and full of tips. Go check it out at Traditional Herbs!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

____________Adoptees ISO Birthfamily_________

I'll be posting some tips on my personal blog for those in search of family separated by adoption. I've been active again in some e-groups and forums and thought I'd share some experiences with adoptees and birthfamilies in search, as well as adopted families who are supportive of possible reunion. Many adoptive parents are equally curious and eager to learn of the children's birth heritage. Closed records protect/benefit no one.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

________Health and Fitness Facts_____________

I found this article and thought I would share it here.

Hallucinating, vomiting and unable to stand, but guides refused water to dying trekker

Family sues survival school after death of fit 29-year-old on wilderness course

Dan Glaister in Los Angeles
Monday May 7, 2007
The Guardian

"Dave is dead." The words came at the end of the second day of what was supposed to be a character-forming experience, a chance for 12 people to "experience the wilderness to the fullest".

Instead, the trek through the mountains and desert of Utah in the mid-western US left David Buschow, a fit 29-year-old US air force veteran and security guard from New York dehydrated and hallucinating, his eyes bulging and tongue swollen. Less than 10 hours after setting off from the group's overnight camp on the second day, Buschow collapsed and died.

This really makes one think about safety and drinking plenty of water. Listen to your bodies. Exercise is supposed to improve your life, in my opinion, not end it.

It's great to push a little but learn your limits. Vital signs are pretty useful.
There are clues even without a stethoscope or pulse ox; such as: when it's 100 degrees out and you have the chills while watching the mother ship hover above, well, it may be time to rest and drink a glass of water.

Safety first.


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